I'm Selena and I'm pleased to welcome you to, also known as the Wisteria Memories Network. ♥ was purchased on July 3, 2023 from - it was my first time ever purchasing a domain after years of using other friends' subdomains as well as something I've desired for a long time. Currently, I'm hosted by Cami and have been for years.

I came up with the domain name dollheart after much consideration. I wanted a website where the name was short, sounded cute, and that fit my overall aesthetic, and dollheart came to me when I needed it most. Now, it is a very meaningful name and is something I'm grateful to have close to my heart, if not my soul.

The wisteria is one of my favorite flowers, and it has multiple meanings depending on the culture — love, intelligence, mourning, rebirth. All of these terms and more are carried deep inside of each of us, tightly wrapped along with our memories. This is why the site is also aptly referred to as the Wisteria Memories Network. It is a reflection on the experiences of my life in 2023; a handful of my family members had passed away, their lives too short and their memories left behind for us to continue.

...And then just when your regrets are the strongest the wisteria comes into bloom, and it blooms on into the summer. There is nothing quite like it.